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 We would like to welcome you to My Data Team, and the best programs offered on the internet today for work-at-Home opportunities, we hope you will feel the same way.  It is time to start motivating you on these truly amazing programs. If you follow our directions exactly how we have described, take your time to understand all the information we provide, you will see these programs work. If you give 100% effort and don't give up you can be getting some nice pay checks on the 1st and 15th of each month. We will take you step-by-step through our programs. We will show you methods to start these programs at no additional cost out of your pocket as promised. We will also give you options to invest a very small amount of money to accelerate these programs only if you choose to do so. This is not a race to the finish line so please take the time to absorb everything in so you have a complete understanding on how everything works. It may seem a little overwhelming with all the details we give you at first, but please keep in mind we are sharing all of our years of knowledge and will not leave you without the needed details to succeed. Once you have learned any of these programs you will see how easy it really is to make money doing data entry. 

The four programs we are going to give you training, are Global Data Entry, Home Typing, Traditional Data Entry and Data ResearcherWe will give you all the details on these programs a little later on.
Before we get you started on your training, let us explain how to use the training programs we provide.

Helpful Resources for Your Training
First we will list some helpful resources for computer knowledge basics, typing speed and accuracy training, applying for an EIN, and resumé-building tips and software. These will be offered for you to use at anytime you would like.

Navigating Our Training Programs
We understand we do have redirects in our program, such as "CLICK HERE for more information about additional account sign-ups," etc. So in all of our training programs we will have the link for our "Members' Home" page, which is the page you are on now. If you get lost in any of the training courses simply click on the "Members' Home" to navigate to this page.

Effective Training Tips
To help you do your training most effectively, we will make a few suggestions, such as make sure you are in a calm environment without any distractions. This will help you to better soak in all the training material we will provide. We also suggest you first read through each of the training programs completely before applying yourself to the step-by-step tutorial or the actual exercises. This will make it easier to understand once you start the actual step-by-step training. It is not uncommon to not understand everything on first glance. Many members will go through the training courses a couple of times if needed to fully understand the job tasks. Remember there are no time limits on your training. 

We strongly suggest you stick with one training program at a time, whether it will be the Global Data Entry, Traditional Data Entry, Data Research, or Home Typing. If you jump around between training programs it will complicate learning any of the programs.

Font Sizes
If the current font sizes are too small or too big, you can adjust these to a size you can read more easily. To do this, go to the menu bar in your browser (what you are viewing this page with now), click on "VIEW," then "TEXT SIZE" and you may enlarge or shrink the font sizes.

Customer Support
If you are having problems understanding any part of the training or program, feel free to contact us at
AOL users can try us at bachelorprob@yahoo.com if you have a problem reaching us at our Web site e-mail address. To better help you, we request you ask only the question you may have about the current problem you are having. If we get e-mails asking 50 questions at a time, it makes it very hard on the support staff to locate where you are at in the program and can delay your training. We will respond within 24 hours and usually sooner if possible.

The Value of Our Program
We feel we are offering you are great training program for the price you paid for your membership. If you do not feel so, then e-mail us and you can request a refund. Keep in mind that if you cancel your enrollment you will not be able to access the training or the jobs we offer. You also may not be able to sign up again for this program again as we have a list of people waiting to join. The alternative you will have is to spend a minimum of $300 for other comparable online courses. These courses will not supply jobs for that kind of money, and they will not give you the additional programs we offer training on.

Where to Start
Because everyone has different preferences, it will be your decision on which training program you will choose. Global Data Entry is the most common by members because it is a simple program, fun, and can be the most rewarding to produce a nice amount of income in a short amount of time. This is the program we explained to you on our home page. If Global Data Entry is not what you are looking for, then you have the choice to start with the Traditional, Data researcher, or Home Typing.

Equal Opportunity
For our International members, you will have the same advantage to earn the same amount of income as a U.S., Canadian, and U.K. residents, especially with Global Data Entry, Home Typing and Data Entry Research. Many of the outsource jobs in Traditional Data Entry will be done online, which will allow you to perform any of these job tasks from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. We will even list available jobs and assignments available in your countries.

Reference and Help Guides

EIN Sign-up tutorial - Protect your personal information by applying for a free EIN directly through the IRS - Instant approval. U.S.A Residents Only.

Typing Speed and Accuracy - Use this simple program to help your typing technique. This will increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Computer Basics - Learn how to copy and paste, locate computer files and more. These are simple training instructions.

Grammar Style Guide - Use for reference of English language grammar and punctuation when needed.

Resumé Maker - Learn how to create your own resumés with this tutorial and a FREE $100 + Software. We will also give you a tutorial on "How to start your own resumé business" in our bonus jobs section.

Data Entry Training Programs

Global Data Entry Training Course & Jobs

This has always been our main program that we have spent years perfecting. Everyone who has joined My Data Team has joined for this program. This is a very simple program that anyone can do as long as they are able to do a little typing. This can be as simple as typing very short lines of data and posting to the internet. We will give you complete training on this program from start to finish. We will get you on your way to earning some nice income as we mentioned before you joined. The advantage of this program to the other three programs we offer, is that it is simple to understand and get started, not to mention that it can generate income very easily.
Global Data Entry Training Part 1 ENTER TRAINING HERE
Global Data Entry Training Part 2 WHERE TO POST YOUR DATA

Traditional Data Entry Training & Jobs

This is the longest running program we have been offering for over 7 years. We started offering traditional Data Entry as early as 1999, however not over the internet. With Traditional you will get Data Entry assignments directly to your e-mails, or you will have the opportunity to bid on what ever jobs you are willing to perform. We have a list of several companies that will send assignments to our members, as well as a up-to-the-minute job search we have designed to let you search specific assignments in your area, or over the Internet. We will randomly post about 100 or more companies at a time and rotate them as they get filled. The data entry jobs will be for the experienced in certain fields, to little or no experience needed. With our training we will get you the basic skills needed to do many of these outsourced work-from-home data entry jobs. 
Traditional Data Entry Training ENTER TRAINING HERE
Traditional Data Entry Job Opportunities VIEW JOBS HERE

Data-Entry Research Training Course

With this program you will be able to do research assignments and focus groups for pay. Many of these assignments are very simple and fun to do. A short research project can earn you $5 - $10 for a thirty minute assignment. You can earn a much as $350 for a two hour focus group done on line or off line at certain locations near you. We will give you detailed instructions on how to get these assignments. You will only be paid with cash with the companies we deal with. Some of the companies may offer other incentives if you choose.
Data-Entry Research Training ENTER TRAINING HERE
Jobs Will Be Listed In The Training Course  

Home Typing Training Course

What we are going train you to do is type articles on pretty much any subject matter you can think of. The articles you will be typing will create multiple streams of income from a few sources. One of the ways you will be making money from your articles is what is called Blog posting. We will explain more about blogs if you do not know what they are. The Blog articles you will create will generate income from people simply reading and clicking certain links you will place on your blogs. The next source of income you will make will be from publishing your articles with companies that will pay you anywhere from $5 to $100 PER article you type. We will be giving all the exact details on how to make this all work through our training program. Now here is the best part, like Global Data Entry this will cost you NO ADDITIONAL MONEY to produce a nice income. 
Home-Typing Training Part 1 ENTER TRAINING HERE
Home-Typing Training Part 2 POSTING TO THE INTERNET

Transcription Data Entry Training Course
Get complete training in audio transcription data entry. We also will list a large source of jobs to put your training to work. Our training program will teach anyone regardless of prior experience on how to do transcription work. This is one of the top work-from-home jobs that cannot get filled due to lack of knowledge or experience. Our training program will allow you to do these jobs so you can earn a nice income working from home.

Audio Transcription Training and Jobs IN FINAL TESTING

These Are Legitimate Opportunities
Our goal is to give you many options on creating extra and in many cases main sources of income. With all the programs, training, sources, assignments, jobs etc. we provide you with the best opportunities to actually work from home. These are all legitimate opportunities and ways to create income using several different methods. We have provided you with the best chances for success to actually finally work from home. We hope we have ended your search.






















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