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Q. What are the benefits of earning money in Pakistan as a Copywriter?


Pakistani copywriters do not charge as much as native English copywriters. That's the biggest advantage. The difference, however, is in the exchange rate and the cost of living in Pakistan compared to places like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia where most native English speakers originate. Generally, copywriters can earn from 30,000 to 50,000 rupees per month or as much as 80,000 if they choose to work as freelancers. Most of the modern copywriters in Pakistan have expanded their knowledge base as the market has changed so they not only are comfortable with traditional writing mediums but also with newer avenues including blogging and Adsense. So if you’re seeking success, consider WSI, as they are one of the top-ranked Internet and Technology Services Franchises.


-         Stephanie  Jones


Start yourself on the road to an independent, profitable career as a professional internet consultant!
We know you’re ready to take this important step.  With thousands of franchisees in over 80 countries, WSI has the established and recognized methods at our disposal to put to work for you.  We will train you, support you, and help you flourish no matter your professional background.  Our franchisees are successful, ambitious individuals who have helped thousands of small businesses obtain necessary internet business solutions.
To find out what folks think, you can ask any of the 1500 franchisees who have enjoyed immediate and repeated success as part of our community.  You could also ask market reviewers like Entrepreneur Magazine; according to them we’re one of the top franchising opportunities in the world!
In our 12 years of experience we have developed a full line of advanced, cutting edge products that can help small, local businesses work out business plans, reduce costs, increase profits, and develop a plan for growth.  You are the technology consultant who will allow all of this to happen!  You’ll work with businesses in your area.  You’ll perform many different functions, from assessing needs to making product recommendations.  You’ll cultivate an immense network of contacts and clients who will provide many streams of revenue for you for years to come!


The first step in becoming a successful and viable franchisee is completing the Training and Certification process.  This training is so complete and sophisticated that you don’t even need prior experience.  In addition to our award-winning training program, we also offer complete support services for you to turn to at any time in your business development.
Contact WSI now to request more information. 


We’ll give you the details of our Lifecycle Stem 3.0 system, a groundbreaking new business model, soon to be patented, that is the culmination of extensive research.  This model emphasizes personal and business growth, maximal profit, and sustainability.


You can see yourself in your confident new role as a Professional Internet Consultant.  Start down that road today!

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